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Jul 142013

I have recently undertaken a major life transition. I took a job in England, left my job of 16 years, sold my house and my car, and gave away or sold almost everything I have ever owned! My husband and I have been working on this on different sides of the Atlantic, and are only […]

Jun 222011
Famous people on the autism spectrum

I think it’s fascinating to research or speculate about who some of the people throughout history are that may be on the autism spectrum. There is a page in Wikipedia devoted to a list of these speculations, and who made them.  Some of the people that have been considered are: Michelangelo, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, […]

Jun 192011
Happy Father’s Day to my Aspie Dad

My father is turning ninety this fall. Despite his age and mine, I must admit I still find it hard at times to accept him for who he is. But, since today is Father’s Day, it seems fitting to focus on his strengths. Since my blog is about the autism spectrum, I will focus on […]

Jun 162011
Diagnostic issues for autism spectrum adults

I actually think it is trickier to get a good diagnosis for an adult than for a child. So many adults are uncovering that their differences might be well described by an autism spectrum diagnosis but my experience has been that fewer providers in adult mental health are familiar with the autism spectrum than in […]

Feb 212011

When a parent is on the autism spectrum, their children may notice differences in conversational skills when compared to “neurotypicals.” They may see that their ASD parent talks too much about a certain topic and doesn’t give them a turn to talk, or conversely, their parent may not talk as much as they would like […]

Feb 192011

People with ASDs often do not use a large number of facial expressions and gestures. They may not use much eye contact, recognize others’ need for personal space, or notice the meaning from someone’s posture. Additionally, they may not be skilled in recognizing the meaning of body language that is used by others. When neurotypical […]

Feb 112011

ASD parents may not be very expressive about their own feelings, and may find it more natural and comfortable to talk about the facts of a situation. They may not have a full understanding of others’ feelings. That is, they may be seen as lacking in empathy. They also may have difficulty with seeing things […]