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Sep 062012
A communication skill for high functioning ASD children and teens

  There is a lot more to communication then just the words that are said. A helpful technique to teach high functioning ASD children and teens is that the 3 parts of their message all need to match. The 3 parts are: The WORDS that are said The TONE OF VOICE that is used The […]

Jun 082011

As I mentioned in the last post, a major theme of autism spectrum differences is the arena of socially relating to others. So in today’s post I would like to discuss what this difference may look like. Please keep in mind the “spectrum” part of autism spectrum disorders. That means that one person might have […]

Feb 192011

People with ASDs often do not use a large number of facial expressions and gestures. They may not use much eye contact, recognize others’ need for personal space, or notice the meaning from someone’s posture. Additionally, they may not be skilled in recognizing the meaning of body language that is used by others. When neurotypical […]