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Aug 072011

This post is a paper written by a wonderful young woman, Katy Heyborne, who happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. She has graciously shared it with me, and given me permission to share it with others. High functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders Shouldn’t Be Cured, Rather the Positive Aspects of them should Be Considered. Autism Spectrum disorders […]

Aug 052011
Why we should tell children and teens about their autism spectrum diagnosis

This is a follow up from my last two posts about explaining an autism spectrum diagnosis to siblings and to the children themselves. I think it would be helpful to explain the most common reactions that I get from the autism spectrum children when I inform them about their diagnoses, and why I think we […]

Jul 312011
How to tell school age children or teens that they have high functioning autism, Asperger’s or PDD.NOS

When to tell I recommend sharing earlier rather than later.Sometimes the child is informed as part of the diagnostic workup. If that was not done, I would wait until you as the parent have read up on what the diagnosis means and have a good understanding yourself of the associated strengths and weaknesses. Check out […]

Jul 262011

In today’s post I am responding to a question from a reader about explaining high functioning autism to siblings. If you are going to talk to siblings about the diagnosis, make sure the child himself knows about the diagnosis, so that if he hears reference to it he’ll know what you are talking about! I’ll […]

Jun 162011
Diagnostic issues for autism spectrum adults

I actually think it is trickier to get a good diagnosis for an adult than for a child. So many adults are uncovering that their differences might be well described by an autism spectrum diagnosis but my experience has been that fewer providers in adult mental health are familiar with the autism spectrum than in […]

Jun 152011

Tonight I just have a short post about warning signs of autism spectrum disorders in very young children. I usually don’t see children in my practice under 3 or 4, so these are just things I have read about or seen in my own family, rather than observed as a professional. So if you are […]

Jun 142011

There are many ways that evaluation and testing can take place to get a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. Let me first say, that whenever the possibility begins to get raised of the autism spectrum, I suggest from then on only seeing professionals who have substantial experience in this area. Over the past few […]