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Sep 152012

Arguing is one of the most common complaints I hear from parents. The strategies discussed here will work for any children – but they are particularly helpful for children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders who are prone to argue. This makes sense given the nature of ASDs. If we have a child who has […]

Jun 242012

Excerpt from the new ebook I am writing entitled: Top ten strategies to help your high functioning autism spectrum child flourish. This is the first page of my first chapter: Understanding, Analyzing and Resolving Problem Behaviors. Families are often looking for help for an ASD child because of problem behaviors. Many of these problem behaviors […]

Jul 212011
Why do autism spectrum children & teens struggle with anger and aggression?

Aggression is the number one area of concern for the parents of the ASD children and teens I see in therapy. It really is understandable why this problem would be more common for ASD youth once you think about it. One reason is that ASD children may have difficulty with empathy and perspective taking skills. […]