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Jun 192011
Happy Father’s Day to my Aspie Dad

My father is turning ninety this fall. Despite his age and mine, I must admit I still find it hard at times to accept him for who he is. But, since today is Father’s Day, it seems fitting to focus on his strengths. Since my blog is about the autism spectrum, I will focus on […]

Jun 182011
11 Reward Strategies for Autism Spectrum children

Rewards need to be motivating to your child and not just be something you think your child should like. Rewards do not always need to be toys. Rewards can include your time to or a special privilege (such as a later bedtime, a sleepover, extra computer time). The rewards need to fit within your budget […]

Jun 172011
Bringing Autism spectrum children to the store, to a restaurant....using our free app

Prevent your child’s meltdowns and tantrums, and other difficult behaviors by setting up a plan for success! Try out our new free Android app: Let’s Go! which allows parents to quickly establish a fun and easy to use behavior management plan for a child when going out to common activities. This first Let’s Go! app […]

Jun 162011
Diagnostic issues for autism spectrum adults

I actually think it is trickier to get a good diagnosis for an adult than for a child. So many adults are uncovering that their differences might be well described by an autism spectrum diagnosis but my experience has been that fewer providers in adult mental health are familiar with the autism spectrum than in […]

Jun 152011

Tonight I just have a short post about warning signs of autism spectrum disorders in very young children. I usually don’t see children in my practice under 3 or 4, so these are just things I have read about or seen in my own family, rather than observed as a professional. So if you are […]

Jun 142011

There are many ways that evaluation and testing can take place to get a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. Let me first say, that whenever the possibility begins to get raised of the autism spectrum, I suggest from then on only seeing professionals who have substantial experience in this area. Over the past few […]

Jun 132011

I thought I would take a diversion from my writings about diagnosis and talk about summertime! This really came to me today when I was thinking about the ASD kids that I see in therapy and how they divide into two camps (no pun intended) when we look at how they do over the summer. […]