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Aug 262012
Back to school for high functioning children on the autism spectrum

  This time of year I am busy making suggestions for school accommodations for my clients on the autism spectrum. Getting the correct plan at school is one of the two most important interventions for autism spectrum children (the other being a good home behavior management plan, so stayed tuned for my soon to be […]

May 282012

Dear readers: I have recently started a new series of YouTube videos, so you can follow me there “in person” if you want to hear my latest. My YouTube channel is ASDspecialist. I am doing videos about areas of concern for autism spectrum kids, and also some general interest psychotherapy topics. In addition, I have […]

Aug 212011

  Once someone has landed a job interview (see Part 1 for steps to take to get to this point), then we want to look at ways to successfully get through the interview and land the job. Disclosing the diagnosis One thing to determine prior to an interview is whether the job seeker wants to […]

Aug 132011

Some job seekers are negotiating this completely on their own, others are getting help from parents, and others have the services of a job coach or other types of assistance from Vocational Rehabilitation. I will not describe Voc Rehab in detail, but if you are in the U.S. and might qualify for their assistance with […]

Aug 072011

This post is a paper written by a wonderful young woman, Katy Heyborne, who happens to have Asperger’s Syndrome. She has graciously shared it with me, and given me permission to share it with others. High functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders Shouldn’t Be Cured, Rather the Positive Aspects of them should Be Considered. Autism Spectrum disorders […]

Aug 052011
Why we should tell children and teens about their autism spectrum diagnosis

This is a follow up from my last two posts about explaining an autism spectrum diagnosis to siblings and to the children themselves. I think it would be helpful to explain the most common reactions that I get from the autism spectrum children when I inform them about their diagnoses, and why I think we […]