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Sep 042012
A scheduled break in the school day for autism spectrum children and teens

Back to school accommodations for autism spectrum kids, part 2 This time of year I am busy making suggestions for school accommodations for my clients on the autism spectrum. Getting the correct plan at school is one of the two most important interventions for autism spectrum children (the other being a good home behavior management […]

Jun 242012

Excerpt from the new ebook I am writing entitled: Top ten strategies to help your high functioning autism spectrum child flourish. This is the first page of my first chapter: Understanding, Analyzing and Resolving Problem Behaviors. Families are often looking for help for an ASD child because of problem behaviors. Many of these problem behaviors […]

Jul 192011
5 ways to help an autism spectrum child tolerate route changes in the car

One of the diagnostic criteria for ASDs is difficulty with changes in routine. Therefore it is not surprising that if you change the driving route you take from one place to another that your ASD child may get anxious or frustrated. Routines help ASD children (and all of us, at times) feel safe and secure. […]

Jul 132011
Helping an autism spectrum child follow instructions - a 4 step plan

This is designed for ASD kids who are verbal and have good understanding of language, for the    approximate ages of kindergarten through 6th grade, although it could work for some children younger or older depending on their developmental level. It’s a simple intervention but effective. ASD children struggle with following instructions. Often, they just […]

Jul 082011
Keeping autism spectrum runners safe

I had a request from a reader (thanks for following me Jen!) asking me to address the topic of ASD children who are runners. Although my focus is to look at it from the behavioral side, I first suggest thinking of the safety issues. Check out the website AWAARE Collaboration  (AWAARE = Autism Wandering Awareness […]

Jul 052011
Family Reunion Survival Plans for Children on the Autism Spectrum (part 2)

In yesterday’s post, I discussed supplies (a “survival kit”) that families could take when bringing their ASD child to a big family event such a family reunion. Today I want to discuss other kinds of plans that can be helpful. Visual Schedule I made brief mention of bringing a visual schedule. Make sure to map out […]

Jul 042011
Family Reunion Survival Kits for Children on the Autism Spectrum

I live and work in Utah, where family reunions are big annual events. So many of the families I know are bringing their ASD child to a family reunion and hoping for the best. I suggest planning for the best, rather than hoping for the best, and recommend bringing a survival kit of helpful supplies. […]