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Jul 032011
Spectrum Survival for the 4th of July (or other loud noisy holidays with fireworks)

Why are days like this a problem? Fireworks  can be very difficult if you have sensory sensitivities. Additionally, children and adults who have a trauma history can find that these loud explosive sights and sounds trigger anxiety and flashbacks.  Even if you choose not to go to a fireworks display, it can be hard to […]

Jun 252011
Using visual schedules for autism spectrum children and teens

I have heard it said that structure is the glue that holds children with special needs together, and I don’t think this is far from the truth. When parents bring in their children who are struggling in for therapy, one of the first things we will look at is whether or not there is some […]

Jun 212011
Helping your autism spectrum child attend church

Why is going to church difficult? Going to church can create challenges for ASD children. They may feel bored, and they may not understand the significance of all that is occurring. They may want your attention or the attention of a sibling, and may have developed some bad habits of how to get it! They […]

Jun 202011
Birthday party suggestions for autism spectrum children

Aren’t Birthday Parties supposed to be fun? Birthday parties can be stressful for some children! Parties are often noisy and chaotic, with much less structure than a 1:1 play date. The focus is on the birthday child, which means seeing another child be the center of attention and receive special gifts. The party guest is […]

Jun 182011
11 Reward Strategies for Autism Spectrum children

Rewards need to be motivating to your child and not just be something you think your child should like. Rewards do not always need to be toys. Rewards can include your time to or a special privilege (such as a later bedtime, a sleepover, extra computer time). The rewards need to fit within your budget […]

Jun 172011
Bringing Autism spectrum children to the store, to a restaurant....using our free app

Prevent your child’s meltdowns and tantrums, and other difficult behaviors by setting up a plan for success! Try out our new free Android app: Let’s Go! which allows parents to quickly establish a fun and easy to use behavior management plan for a child when going out to common activities. This first Let’s Go! app […]