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Oct 222012

Teasing and arguing among siblings is a common parent complaint – and most of us have either experienced it as parents or as a sibling when we were growing up. I just recently came across a paper written by my older sister when she was in 7th grade.  She describes me: “”I have a little […]

Jul 132011
Helping an autism spectrum child follow instructions - a 4 step plan

This is designed for ASD kids who are verbal and have good understanding of language, for the    approximate ages of kindergarten through 6th grade, although it could work for some children younger or older depending on their developmental level. It’s a simple intervention but effective. ASD children struggle with following instructions. Often, they just […]

Jul 102011
My favorite gadget for kids on the autism spectrum

If you came into my office at work, you would see that my office is quite plain. This is by design. Like any good therapist that works with children and adolescents, my office used to be cluttered with toys, doll houses, stuffed animals, art supplies, fidgets and so on. As I started to see more […]

Jul 012011
How to get autism spectrum kids to do their chores

This is a very simple but very effective tool that assists with task completion for kids on the spectrum. Every day when I’m at work I have parents asking for help regarding task completion and compliance for their autism spectrum children (although I have to mention here for the sake of fairness, that parents of […]

Jun 292011
Using routines to help an autism spectrum child

Most families affected by autism of any ilk are familiar with the need for routine. At times, their ASD family member’s need for routine may come across as frustratingly rigid, leading to difficulties with ever being spontaneous or doing things in a new or different manner. My autism spectrum father had many many routines, including […]

Jun 272011
Hygiene routines for Autism spectrum children and teens

My last post on the use of visual schedules as a way to add structure to the day, got me thinking about one of the most common requests I get from parents, namely “How do I get my child to shower (or bathe, or actually clean themselves when they do shower, or not use all […]

Jun 252011
Using visual schedules for autism spectrum children and teens

I have heard it said that structure is the glue that holds children with special needs together, and I don’t think this is far from the truth. When parents bring in their children who are struggling in for therapy, one of the first things we will look at is whether or not there is some […]