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Oct 222012

Teasing and arguing among siblings is a common parent complaint – and most of us have either experienced it as parents or as a sibling when we were growing up. I just recently came across a paper written by my older sister when she was in 7th grade.  She describes me: “”I have a little […]

Sep 152012

Arguing is one of the most common complaints I hear from parents. The strategies discussed here will work for any children – but they are particularly helpful for children with high functioning autism spectrum disorders who are prone to argue. This makes sense given the nature of ASDs. If we have a child who has […]

Sep 042012
A scheduled break in the school day for autism spectrum children and teens

Back to school accommodations for autism spectrum kids, part 2 This time of year I am busy making suggestions for school accommodations for my clients on the autism spectrum. Getting the correct plan at school is one of the two most important interventions for autism spectrum children (the other being a good home behavior management […]

Aug 192012

1. Setting specific behavioral goals with rewards for achieving them BEFORE the activity starts is an important strategy for preventing behavior problems and meltdowns. We are reducing problem behavior by teaching the child specifically what we want them to do and then rewarding them for accomplishing it. Do not offer a reward for stopping problem […]

Jul 012012

Excerpts from chapter two of the new ebook I am writing entitled: Top ten strategies to help your high functioning autism spectrum child flourish. Once we better understand the function (meaning or purpose) of the old problem behavior, we can either make antecedent changes (change the situation, demand or event) so that the problem behaviors […]

Jun 242012

Excerpt from the new ebook I am writing entitled: Top ten strategies to help your high functioning autism spectrum child flourish. This is the first page of my first chapter: Understanding, Analyzing and Resolving Problem Behaviors. Families are often looking for help for an ASD child because of problem behaviors. Many of these problem behaviors […]

Jun 082012

Dear readers: This is the first draft of the preface for the e-book I am writing. Let me know your opinions and comments! Preface Do you want to learn methods to help your high functioning* autism spectrum child flourish? You have come to the right place! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and I […]